Merchant Zero-Processing Fee

Start maximizing profits by seamlessly shifting minimal processing fees to your customers, one transaction at a time. Watch those small fees accumulate into significant gains for your growth journey!

Eliminate Processing Fees with Korus

Start boosting your business with our Merchant Zero-Fee Program! Now you can process credit cards at no additional charge.

How much are you really saving?

Processing credit cards at no cost (0%) easily brings you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the type of your business.

Earn More Revenue And Pay Less

This plan shifts the card processing percentage rates over to your customers and saves your business an incredible amount of money, which is very helpful during good or bad economic cycles.

Easier to Understand Monthly Credit Card Statements

Credit card rates are hard to understand for a lot of new business owners. Miscalculating how much is taken out of your sales often leads to confusion between the merchant and the merchant services processor. With Zero-Fee Processing, the only thing you need to worry about are monthly and annual maintenance fee.

Introduce Cash Discount Program to Customers

You might worry that customers will stop visiting your business because of a raised price, but there is a way to benefit both the customer and your business! Simply ask the customer if they would like to pay with cash to remove the processing fee.

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